sk7 design studios, inc. | Testimonials



Review Date: January 2016

Project Location: La Jolla, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $500,000

“We Love sk7! Sam and his team at sk7 were recommended to us by a friend after we complemented their remodel. A year later we were fortunate enough to work with Sam on our House. sk7 is very professional and super quick to respond. We would E-mail Sam notes on our plans Friday pm and we would have revisions the same night. Sam made the whole design process not only fun but QUICK! I would HIGHLY recommend using Sam in a heartbeat!”

-Marnie T.


Review Date: April 2016

Project Location: La Jolla, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $200,000

“Sam did great job on our design.We are satisfied with the results along with his professionalism, experience and patience. Highly recommended.”

-Anthony T.


Review Date: March 2016

Project Location: San Marcos, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $30,000

“sk7 design donated their time and resources on an ADA Master Bathroom for a Service Disabled Veteran in the San Diego region. They provided an excellent design that had the proper use of space for the needs of the Veteran. sk7 design is top notch, I would definitely recommend them for your next project.”

-Jean P.


Review Date: November 2015

Project Location: Carlsbad, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $475,000

“We highly recommend Sam and have enjoyed working with him on our project. With his professional knowledge, style and patience, we’re on our way to building our dream home. Deadlines were met, communication always opens and he had an attitude of wanting to design with ‘us’ in mind. Thank you Sam!”

-Debbie R.


Review Date: January 2015

Project Location: San Diego, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $500,000,000+

“Sam Koob and SK7 Design Studios provided outstanding work for my firm on a very large residential project in San Diego. The project was an 810 unit, multi-family apartment complex. Twelve, five story buildings surround a parking garage allowing residents to park on the same level as they reside. The parking structure has a 105,000 sf foot print with five stories above grade and a subterranean level. Included with the development is a 40,000 Recreation Building which houses the leasing office, along with a bowling alley, gymnasium, spa, event center, commercial food service and other retail areas. Streamline Engineering, my firm, provided the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design, as well as many sustainable features including a photovoltaic covering the top deck of the parking structure. Sam’s firm handled the CAD work, as well as plan file management. We never missed a deadline on this fast tracked project! I have hired SK7 on several other projects and will not hesitate to engage with them on upcoming projects!”

-Alan W. – P.E.


Review Date: January 2015

Project Location: San Diego, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $120,000

“I hired Sam to draft the plans for a room addition and remodel. I had a hard time finding someone to do a small project. I was lucky to find Sam. He has been excellent and specializes in projects like mine. He has always been professional and efficient. He came up with three different great designs and we chose one and are very happy with it. We have already submitted our plans to the city and I am looking forward to getting my addition done. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!”

-Cliff S.


Review Date: December 2014

Project Location: San Diego, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $90,000

“He is a great architect [designer] and nice person. I would recommend him to any of you in need of an expert to help you with your building project.”

-Maisha B.


Review Date: June 2014

Project Location: San Diego, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $150,000

“sk7 did an outstand job on my Pool House project here is San Diego, California. On the design side I worked with Sam Koob. His ideas were progressive and contemporary. Most architects wanted to just build a mini version on the main house. The look that Sam brought to the table was modern clean look but not over the top so it blends well my traditional style home in the Bay Park area. It adds a totally different feel to my back yard verse the front but each house complements each other.

On the plans and permits side I worked closely with architect [designer] Larisa Tingle. This was difficult project to get though maze that is called the San Diego building department. I sat on several meetings with her during the plan check process. Her knowledge from previously work with a building department while attending her architectural degree was invaluable. She was outstanding to get my project through this process, paying close attention to details that I would have missed.

This was a positive experience working with these young artisans of architectural design.”

-Shawn D.


Review Date: March 2013

Project Location: San Diego, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $10,000,000+

“In the year and a half that I’ve known Sam, I’ve hired him on several projects. Sam Koob has proven to be an asset to whatever project or team he has worked with. He has shown to be reliable, trustworthy and have an excellent work ethic which is a reflection of his abilities and hard work.

I’ve been impressed with his dedication to any endeavor that he has been involved with. Sam demonstrates a giving and generous nature with his free time as well. On more than one occasion he has stepped up and gone above and beyond the call to support his co-workers and timely completion of his projects.

In addition to these great qualities, Sam Koob has displayed great enthusiasm and initiative; he has excellent communication skills and has a very friendly and outgoing personality. “

-Roger B.  – AIA


Project Date: October 2013

Project Location: Carlsbad, California

Estimated Construction Cost: $500,000

“Sam is very capable and delivered exactly what we requested. Very capable and easy to work with during the process. Very responsive.”

-Jason C.